For more information on Professor Manuel Graeber and whistleblowing see
Statement regarding Emerita/us and retired professors

Emerita/us and retired professors are especially welcome because of their accumulated experience, wisdom and independence.

They have seen better times, they know what has been lost, they are harder to intimidate and thus more likely to be willing to speak truth to power.

Mobile app available

The URL is


The iPhone app is old and in German but also works.

Associate Professors and AAUP

The existing chapters of AAUP have decided, in response to several queries, that associate professors can become AAUP members via their local professoriate. We will therefore revisit the question of individual associate professor membership when the national constitution is drafted.

What should a University be in 2030?

Conference scheduled for November/December 2020, a follow-up to

This could be the first gathering of the Australian Professoriates

In preparation of the national vote on the 10 Pillars of a University

You can propose changes here

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